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Headlight Solutions pair decades of boots-on-the-ground industry experience with modern, progressive software development to:

MIKE BJERKE - managing partner

With expertise ranging from distribution and product management to software development management and finance, Mike’s keen understanding of customer needs is a much-desired asset. Mike’s career spans key years at Reliance Steel and Aluminum, one of the world’s largest metals conglomerates as well as Eastdil Secured and HFF, both multinational investment banks. Mike earned a bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University and an MBA in Finance at the USC Marshall School of Business. Partner in multiple new business ventures, Mike is the Managing Partner of Headlight Solutions (fka Transview Logistics).

Calvin Delamere - software development partner

With wide-ranging expertise from front-end web application design to machine learning to natural language processing, Calvin is a founding partner of Headlight Solutions (fka Transview Logistics) and a critical full-stack developer responsible for turning client desires into reality. Numerous high-profile projects under his belt (such as iTriage, purchased by Aetna Insurance) make him a key resource for clients as they manage growth and scalability concerns. Calvin lives in Boulder where he earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado in Computer Science and Applied Math, a degree which reflects his quick mind and analytical process.



Customers from coast to coast across multiple industries


Cloud-based web applications powered by artificial intelligence


Our founders and partners have deep experience in industrial distribution across multiple verticals


Industry leading design that is easy to learn and easy to adopt


“Headlight Solutions (formerly Transview Logistics) is unique among load planning and routing software. This is the only software that optimizes on total cost, not just fewest miles traveled and integrates the many special requirements related to load planning. We looked for a long time before we found Headlight. We specialize in working with many chemical distributors that offer a wide variety of products, many of which are hazardous and require special handling. Headlight has been custom developed to support chemical distributors special needs i.e., extensive LTL, mini bulk and tanker load shipping. Overall great capabilities using modern technology at an affordable price – hard to beat!”
– Fred Wookey, President, Management Results, Inc
“Headlight Solutions (formerly Transview Logistics) is amazing, and they save us a ton of money. They took our ancient ERP system and absolutely transformed it with the addition of their load planning and routing engine. Now we manage our fleet with the help of artificial intelligence so that we automatically route around traffic and tolls; we maximize every route for weight, number of stops, and loading requirements, and we automatically comply with regulatory issues like drive time limits, product non-compatibility, and commercial vehicle routings. They do a great job, have great software and are great to work with. Two thumbs up!”
– President, Multiple-location Metals Service Center
“Our project with Headlight Solutions (formerly Transview Logistics) has been a great success. They were able to integrate directly to our Chempax ERP with minimal effort on our part and their software helps us do a much better job of managing our fleet. Their routing platform is impressive and very adaptable, helping us make sure we are in compliance with chemical-specific regulatory issues like product non-compatibility, food-grade product separation, DOT route time limits and hazmat compliant routes. The company is great to work with - high integrity and solid results. Very happy to endorse them!”
– Andrew Tuttle, CFO, Viking Chemical Company


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