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Founded in 1972, Americhem Sales Company (ASC) is a Mason, Michigan-based producer and distributor of bulk and packaged industrial and automotive oils, fluids, solvents, and specialty chemicals. Recipient of the National Association of Chemical Distributor’s first ever RESPONSIBLE DISTRIBUTION EXCELLENCE AWARD in 2010, ASC is a First Hyperion company led by President Eric Egan who brings the organization extensive knowledge and experience in logistics, sales, service, and management.

Before Headlight, ASC struggled under the weight and complexity of the organization’s logistics needs. The process of shipping multiple hazardous products to hundreds of unique shipping locations – each with their own needs and requirements – had become a challenge that demanded a comprehensive solution. The bottom line, according to Mr. Egan: “you really have to operate a pretty complex logistics company,” and this required system that would streamline and systematize the process.

“Pre-Headlight Solutions, there were always just issues. Unplanned deliveries, things that would get missed”. In the transportation process, “we were so dependent on knowledge that was passed down over the last 30-plus years [and] were simply at the mercy of what we could handle from a tribal knowledge standpoint.”

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“It’s been a great fit for us. Couldn’t ask much more from a TMS provider”

Key facts

Integration and Rollout

Spearheaded by Headlight customer integration specialist and senior developer Zach Nager, Headlight began integrating the Headlight transportation management system with ASC’s Datacor Chempax ERP in November of 2020. All work related to integration, configuration, testing, and training was complete by the New Year, and ASC employees began using the system in January. Through the integration, data is automatically extracted from ASC’s Datacor ERP allowing the Headlight transportation management system to augment and extend ASC’s existing system in real-time. Commenting on the integration process, Mr. Egan says, “the amount of resources we had to allocate [to the project] was pretty limited … it was a turn-key solution.”


Perhaps it’s best to let Mr. Egan describe the results of their project:

“Since adopting headlight we’ve automated several processes within the company that were manual handwritten processes … we’ve also been able to get a better handle on our data and make smarter decisions, and in the world of logistics today where drivers are so valuable and their time is so valuable, you just can’t afford as an operator not to maximize those resources.

“We’re so much less dependent on any one particular person because everything is in a system now. Within 30 hours a week, one employee, dispatching multiple millions of pounds of products per month and hundreds of unique locations.

“Ultimately, [Headlight has allowed us to] scale and operate more efficiently without adding additional cost.

The bottom line? “It’s been a great fit for us. Couldn’t ask much more from a TMS provider.”

Ultimately, Headlight has allowed us to scale and operate more efficiently without adding additional cost.